No need to consult your compass or click those ruby shoes: you’re in Seattle – land of musical chops – and we’ve got the goods. Here’s your sneak peak at the booty-shakin’ lineup:

Gordy Rawson from Chatter Creek

To say that Gordy Rawson knows a thing or two about roots would be an understatement. His love of wine and knowledge of our region’s terroir has cultivated some mighty nice ‘Old World’ style wine, while his enthusiasm for music generates ‘Old School’ rifts that keep the house shakin’ and the feet tappin’.

Darren Des Voigne from Des Voigne Cellars

Darren Des Voigne is a big fan of fun. So much so that he and his wife Melissa, bottle it. Their wine is bold and un-apologetic, bright fruit and big wood. The resulting pour is soulful. Less than a sip, and a cursory glance at the art deco inspired wine labels and you can practically hear the music. Not to worry though, your imagination hasn’t bested you: a big fan of jazz and expressive music, Darren and his band throw down up-tempo new wave rock beats that make for a great palate cleanse.

Cat and Micah

Cat Warwick from Kestrel Wines

With a deep passion for the arts in all forms, it is no wonder that Kestrel Wines’ Carolina (Cat) Warwick chose both wine making and music to pursue. Born and raised in the Yakima Valley, she performs with her guitarist Micah Riesenweber of Market Vineyards, and the pair form an acoustic duo, as Cat and Micah, with inspired originals and acoustic renditions of your favorite music spanning decades.


Victor Palencia from Palencia Winery

One of the youngest winery owners in the state, Victor Palencia’s passion for wine runs deep in Eastern Washington wine country. He grew up following his father into the vineyard rows. Along Paula Ramirez (Palencia Winery’s Director of Sales & Marketing) and two others, the foursome are very excited to bring “musica con ritmo latino” right out of our beautiful wine country. Victor says: ”Great music makes great wine better, but it takes great wine to appreciate great music, that brings us all together.”